Technology & Media

Rosenblatt is proud to partner with Wedge Partners. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado and with offices in New York and Ohio, Wedge Partners is an independent equity analysis firm with a focus on the technology and media industries. Through this unique focus we provide significant insight into company initiatives, global industry trends and technological developments that help them establish a greater vision of success and failure. Their experiences find that this information is an effective predictor of company performance and is the information that they pass on to clients through documentation and personal interaction.

Wedge Partners is distinguished by the vast experience of our analysts within the technology and media industries and the relationships that they have built over time. Their principals have spent considerable time in high-tech sales, marketing, business development and technical roles.

Wedge Partners is singularly focused on helping their clients make money by providing differentiated and relevant information in a timely manner. As a result, Wedge Partners is a trusted and reliable source of accurate and real-time information that helps substantiate the investment process.

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